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Artist Statement

   If our personalities are a direct result of our environment, then art in both form and meaning is a composition of experiences conscious and subconscious that helps create the signature style that each artist uses to express their inner thoughts, feelings, and desires. An extension of our own personalities that not only helps the artist connect with their true self, but also lets the viewer peer into an abstract visual biography of the artist. The landscapes I paint reflect my love of the land and a life spent exploring that land. Documenting the natural world for the sake of preservation and exposing the hidden moments in time and place that truly captivate my imagination.

   The abstract controlled chaos that is present in a lot of my work speaks to an earlier self, living in the chaotic atmosphere of a densely populated city in the Netherlands. Living in the city and the country on and off till my teens created a dynamic between the calm and the chaotic which can be seen in juxtaposition to one another and almost morphing together representing my life influx yet connected between the two, while also creating a visual metaphor for the chaos of human development encroaching upon and disturbing the natural world.

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